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Rimantas Rolia Digital Debut Bologna Childrens Book Fair 2014 - 5

The avant-garde digitals of Rimantas Rolia debut in Bologna

Lithuanian artist and illustrator Rimantas Rolia is back to Italy and to Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Five of his artworks have entered among 2014 selected illustrators’ pictures: an excellent occasion to inaugurate the début of Rolia’s digital art. As the author confessed to Bastart, “While creating these five images I dragged myself deep down into childhood, like never before. I think I went to a depth of 2 or 3 years.”

Du Katinai (Two Cats) by Rimantas Rolia - Contemporary Lithuanian Illustration at Pavia

Long live the cats of Rimantas Rolia

If you’ve ever been to Certosa di Pavia, the chances are you met Gian Galeazzo. Not the great founding patron of the monastery, but a cat named after the famous Visconti duke. The cat lives there, just as the monks do. And if one of these days you drop by to the Castle of Pavia (for centuries, home to the Visconti dynasty), the chances are you’ll meet Two Cats, currently the most famous among Pavian felines. The cats now live there, enjoying hospitality of the Castle’s hosts.

Contemporary Lithuanian Illustration at the Illustration Festival of Pavia 2012. Poster image: Du Katinai (Two Cats) by Rimantas Rolia

10 great reasons to pop in at the Castello Visconteo of Pavia

They are young, younger and very young, 10 in total. Their eye is creative and their pencil’s precise. Pronouncing their names is a tough task for an Italian spectator, but never you mind about that! Once you see their book characters – from the cutest cat to the spookiest witch – they will grab and capture your attention right from the first glance. 10 Lithuanian artists present 52 works at the exhibition of Contemporary Lithuanian Illustration in Pavia. Pop in and enjoy!