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Hundertwasser's toilets in Kawakawa, New Zealand. Credits Flickr / Eliduke

The uglier the better

Since the very beginning of the series on Psycho-poetry, the name of Friedensreich Hundertwasser kept lingering on my mind. One of the psycho-poems of his I love most, is situated in New Zealand – that’s the public toilets of the small town of Kawakawa.

Literati Street, Vilnius - Bastart Web Magazine

Walls to write on

Love writing on the walls? You’re welcome! There’s a street in Vilnius where it is all very legal – no bans no fines no scandals, just some basic rules to follow.

Bastart - Ridged Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte. Photo credit Kernius Pauliukonis

A bit psycho, a bit poem

Summer’s short in Vilnius, so good things happen one after another, dense in time and beauty. There’s a place – bellow the sky above the ground – that hosts a table, two chairs, a tea set, and a stunning view to the Old Town’s churches and roofs.

Green Ear Milano. Credits Jurgita Po.Alessi - Bastart Web Magazine

POET, the psycho-poetry of everyday things

Architects talking to bricks, photographers shooting car portraits, people building eared houses, designers creating toilet brushes, and artists designing coffeepots for masochists… and then again, architects tuning up public toilets in Kawakawa. What is all this list about? Do they have something in common? Should they?