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Atlas Coelestis

#chaoslikeamotherfucker, or Happy Poetry Month

If I were American, I’d knit less socks and would rather start reading more poetry. Pluto Shits on the Universe by award-winning poet, performer and photographer Fatimah Asghar is a great choice to begin with.

Davide Ferrari

Pop Science Poetry: il Big Bang è poesia

Bastart con grande gioia e orgoglio si congratula con Davide Ferrari, poeta, regista e cofounder del magazine: è il vincitore italiano del concorso Pop Science Poetry 2014…

Doris Lessing

Le visioni di Doris Lessing

È bello pensare a questi libri così rari come a scrigni misteriosi e magici, custodi di tesori dell’anima e della memoria di un’autrice che ha contribuito in maniera sostanziale alla formazione della coscienza di un’epoca.

Wind, short film by Robert Loebel. A screenshot from the film

Wind (2013)

In the last two days Padania* has been in pain: running eyes, headaches, migraines… Wind and Padanians: the incompatibility of DNA. It made me think of this pluri-awarded animation short by Robert Löbel.
* A harmless term to indicate the territory in the Northen Italy that mainly consists of the valley formed by River Po, “Padus” in Latin. The valley is windless 363 days out of 365.

King Kong, designer. Credit Alessi

Storytelling is gluten free

If I had to give one piece of advice after the just ended Milan Design Week, it would be this: keep telling stories, people. Storytelling is low-budget, buzz-driving and versatile. No surprize it sits on top of hot trends, just like some gluten-free muffin sells better than a regular cake. Take Alessi, for instance. The Italian design icon opened up the Design Week with a special exhibition: Super and Popular: small masterpieces of design…

Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo

Give UNESCO to poets

[Poetry pills] Way of use and dosage: pills are released in single-author and duo editions to be taken in small once-a-week dozes for 2 months in run. For a better effect, try to use them in a place new and unexpected to your five senses. Something like a 16th century Venetian Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo – UNESCO’s pride and one of Palladio’s first operas – will do just fine. Add to the treatment some jazz and good company, and the remedy will start making miracles. [Tested on Bastart on March 31, 2014]