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Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo

Give UNESCO to poets

[Poetry pills] Way of use and dosage: pills are released in single-author and duo editions to be taken in small once-a-week dozes for 2 months in run. For a better effect, try to use them in a place new and unexpected to your five senses. Something like a 16th century Venetian Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo – UNESCO’s pride and one of Palladio’s first operas – will do just fine. Add to the treatment some jazz and good company, and the remedy will start making miracles. [Tested on Bastart on March 31, 2014]

La Stanza dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi, designer. Credit Alessi

Poetry, now!

Dial M for murder. Rub the bottle to release the genie. Tweet to MichaelPage for a career. Etc. Etc…. Life, after all, is not that complex if you’ve got the right instructions. As a verse from a poem by Gintaras Grajauskas titled “Pratimas laimei prisišaukti“ (An Exercise to Call up Happiness), goes: Norite būti laimingi? tai būkite (Wanna be happy? so go and be one.)
La versione italiana del post è inclusa.

Lettori e editore. Lugano Bloomsday 2013

Bloomsday 2013: Il fiume in piena di Joyce

«Un quejcoss che ‘l g’abbia dal murdént»… qualcosa che abbia del mordente, che faccia presa e possa incidere la superficie delle cose. Qui al Bloomsday 2013 tutto è possibile, anche improvvisare una traduzione simultanea del capolavoro joyciano in dialetto pavese. Abbandonarsi al microfono non sapendo dove ci porterà lo stream of consciousness dell’Ulysses, verso quali porti nascosti o naufragi d’oltralpe…