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Credits Humans of Paris

Bastart meets Humans of Paris

When you’re 16, the world is at your reach. When you’re 16 and live in Paris, you know its people, streets and secrets a whole lot better than Google and Wikipedia put together. What you do next, is setting up a project – photography + short stories – to share that beauty with the others. Marco Hazan and Eytan Levi are two Parisian teenagers who one day wrote to Brandon Stanton, got his “Ok” and on the next morning, launched their own HO: Humans of Paris. Today, they are among the oldest (!) “Humans of” initiatives worldwide and are looking ahead. When you’re 16, nothing can stop you. Ok, the final exams in History and French can suspend you from posting… for a couple of weeks.

Lady Dior Bag as seen by Ruven Afanador. Credits Vaida K.

Art & Allies: Lady Dior Bag @ the Triennale

How one bag became the centre of the story for tens of photographers, visual artists and filmmakers: Lady Dior Bag @ the Triennale Milano.