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Wind, short film by Robert Loebel. A screenshot from the film

Wind (2013)

In the last two days Padania* has been in pain: running eyes, headaches, migraines… Wind and Padanians: the incompatibility of DNA. It made me think of this pluri-awarded animation short by Robert Löbel.
* A harmless term to indicate the territory in the Northen Italy that mainly consists of the valley formed by River Po, “Padus” in Latin. The valley is windless 363 days out of 365.

Maki Sozan, Four crows flying in a snowstorm - 20th century - Museum of Fine Arts

December (save me from Xmas)

In the month of delirious jingle bells, this ironic film by Andreas Pasvantis is a soul-saving poem, an anti-aging serum, or simply, a great short. What was it like, “Irony is the salt of existence..?” Enjoy these salty 01:35