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Bansky's painting on Israel's segregation barrier. Credits PatientBoy / Flickr

B for Beauty

There was Aristotle who wrote: “Beauty depends on size as well as symmetry”. There is Don Norman who claims: “Aesthetics matter: attractive things work better”. There are myriads of poets and writers and artists, who all together make one big buzz around beauty. And then there’s a story told by Banksy and that’s my favourite yet.

Car Portraits. Credits Salvatore Rotella

They’re everywhere: car portraits by Salvatore Rotella

A story of a photographer who one day, set out to shoot cars and then made a book, Car Portraits, dedicated to the omnipresent four-wheel creatures that proliferate our roads and our lives.

Green Ear Milano. Credits Jurgita Po.Alessi - Bastart Web Magazine

POET, the psycho-poetry of everyday things

Architects talking to bricks, photographers shooting car portraits, people building eared houses, designers creating toilet brushes, and artists designing coffeepots for masochists… and then again, architects tuning up public toilets in Kawakawa. What is all this list about? Do they have something in common? Should they?