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K Ration, Italy. Foto Fabrizia Parisi

K-Ration @ the Triennale: Beauty and Function reconciled

Giulio Iacchetti’s exhibition K-Ration: meals for soldiers in action is a fresh and innovative contribution to the upcoming Expo 2015 in Milan.

King Kong, designer. Credit Alessi

Storytelling is gluten free

If I had to give one piece of advice after the just ended Milan Design Week, it would be this: keep telling stories, people. Storytelling is low-budget, buzz-driving and versatile. No surprize it sits on top of hot trends, just like some gluten-free muffin sells better than a regular cake. Take Alessi, for instance. The Italian design icon opened up the Design Week with a special exhibition: Super and Popular: small masterpieces of design…

Shortology is a project by H-57, Milan-based creative design and advertising studio. Picture credit H-57

Shortology: If you can’t tell a story in five seconds you ain’t…

Some years ago, Conway Williamson, CCO of Saatchi & Saatchi NY gave a short lesson on storytelling: “If you can’t tell a story you ain’t shit”. Today, this imperative doesn’t sound that challenging anymore (sorry, Conway) as agencies like H-57, Milan-based creative design and advertising studio, set new and tougher ones: tell a story, yes, but do it in five seconds. That’s what the young Italian creatives have been doing for the past 12 or more months. The results of their work have been summed up in a splendid book, available in bookshops and online, in a bunch of languages: Italian, Shortology; English, Life in Five Seconds; German, Das Leben in 5 Sekunden; Spanish, La vida in cinco segundos; and French, PICTOlogies 180 histoires en bref. We spoke to Marco Dalbesio, managing director of H-57, to find out more about the Shortology project and beyond

Ruties, small wooden gifts with a cosy feeling. Credits EtnoDesign

Ruties, psycho-poetic sagas on wood

Ruties… what? “Small wooden gifts with a cosy feeling”. That’s the definition their creators, EtnoDesign studio, gave them. Born out of a fusion of wood, memory and legend, Ruties run, fly and swing. But most of all, they love telling stories. That’s what they’ve been doing for the past 48 hours, or more, here in Italy, at the on-going Operae 2012, the 3rd edition of the Self-produced Design Exhibition held in Turin.