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Shortology is a project by H-57, Milan-based creative design and advertising studio. Picture credit H-57

Shortology: If you can’t tell a story in five seconds you ain’t…

Some years ago, Conway Williamson, CCO of Saatchi & Saatchi NY gave a short lesson on storytelling: “If you can’t tell a story you ain’t shit”. Today, this imperative doesn’t sound that challenging anymore (sorry, Conway) as agencies like H-57, Milan-based creative design and advertising studio, set new and tougher ones: tell a story, yes, but do it in five seconds. That’s what the young Italian creatives have been doing for the past 12 or more months. The results of their work have been summed up in a splendid book, available in bookshops and online, in a bunch of languages: Italian, Shortology; English, Life in Five Seconds; German, Das Leben in 5 Sekunden; Spanish, La vida in cinco segundos; and French, PICTOlogies 180 histoires en bref. We spoke to Marco Dalbesio, managing director of H-57, to find out more about the Shortology project and beyond

Lettori e editore. Lugano Bloomsday 2013

Bloomsday 2013: Il fiume in piena di Joyce

«Un quejcoss che ‘l g’abbia dal murdént»… qualcosa che abbia del mordente, che faccia presa e possa incidere la superficie delle cose. Qui al Bloomsday 2013 tutto è possibile, anche improvvisare una traduzione simultanea del capolavoro joyciano in dialetto pavese. Abbandonarsi al microfono non sapendo dove ci porterà lo stream of consciousness dell’Ulysses, verso quali porti nascosti o naufragi d’oltralpe…

Pen can save you. Credits Giulia Ferrari

Nero saved by a pen

“Se non fosse stato per quella penna che, goccia a goccia, mi teneva in vita, sicuramente ora non sarei qui.”
Peter Ustinov
English version of the post is included.

Green Ear Milano. Credits Jurgita Po.Alessi - Bastart Web Magazine

POET, the psycho-poetry of everyday things

Architects talking to bricks, photographers shooting car portraits, people building eared houses, designers creating toilet brushes, and artists designing coffeepots for masochists… and then again, architects tuning up public toilets in Kawakawa. What is all this list about? Do they have something in common? Should they?