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Grazia Nidasio - Francesco I e la zuppa alla pavese | Festival dell'Illustrazione di Pavia - settima edizione

Puoi rompere l’uovo ma lascia intatto il tuorlo: al Festival di Pavia, i masterchef dell’illustrazione

Gioco, ironia e zero regole (tranne che una, Rompere l’uovo lasciando intatto il tuorlo): è questa la ricetta che l’arte dell’illustrazione regala alla generazione masterchef. Dal 3 ottobre fino al 2 novembre, al Castello Visconteo di Pavia.

Autunno: la raccolta dell’uva, Tacuinum Sanitatis, Vienna, Biblioteca Nazionale

Banchetto per gli occhi – La rappresentazione del cibo nell’arte

In ogni tempo e in ogni luogo, nell’ambito della creatività umana, le relazioni interdisciplinari sono sempre esistite: i linguaggi si confrontano, le specifiche discipline si interrogano e gli artisti cercano, e molto spesso ottengono, nel dialogo sinergico con l’altro da sé un aumento della potenza espressiva della loro ricerca.

Gerard Tonti, Pittsburgh born artist painting with coffee and tea. Credit Gerard Tonti

Don’t fade, stain red: Gerard Tonti’s paintings challenge the tea alchemy

They sought to turn the common into the precious, while he seeks to keep it as is. Gold was their goal and ultimate destination, whereas he is pursuing a colour: red. A red that stays red in time. And while many ancient alchemists eventually gave up their initial objective and turned into chemists, he seems about to succeed. Gerard Tonti, a Pittsburgh-born artist painting with coffee and tea has been trying and erring for eight years to perfect the use of these hot drinks as a painting medium, and expand the colour palette. “I’m not able to get a red from fading… yet”, he told us on our interview. “Getting close though.” Bastart caught a few words with the artist about challenges, inspirations and alchemy that turns the stains into art.

Shortology is a project by H-57, Milan-based creative design and advertising studio. Picture credit H-57

Shortology: If you can’t tell a story in five seconds you ain’t…

Some years ago, Conway Williamson, CCO of Saatchi & Saatchi NY gave a short lesson on storytelling: “If you can’t tell a story you ain’t shit”. Today, this imperative doesn’t sound that challenging anymore (sorry, Conway) as agencies like H-57, Milan-based creative design and advertising studio, set new and tougher ones: tell a story, yes, but do it in five seconds. That’s what the young Italian creatives have been doing for the past 12 or more months. The results of their work have been summed up in a splendid book, available in bookshops and online, in a bunch of languages: Italian, Shortology; English, Life in Five Seconds; German, Das Leben in 5 Sekunden; Spanish, La vida in cinco segundos; and French, PICTOlogies 180 histoires en bref. We spoke to Marco Dalbesio, managing director of H-57, to find out more about the Shortology project and beyond