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Little Red Riding Hood by Tomas Nilsson

Little Red rides again

Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale created to be recreated. Its countless interpretations and revisions proliferate thanks to its meme, flexible and elastic. Tomas Nilsson did know how to use this flexibility at its best: his animation short inspired by Röyksopps’ Remind me is superb. Little Red herself, would laugh out loud.

Vadim Nekrasov, composer-in-chief at 1A4 Studio

Meet the Uncensored Creativity: 1A4 Studio

In the world flooding with information, a talent for telling things shortly and to the point is alone a virtue. Add to this a daring fuck-the-system attitude plus a superb sense of humour, and you get a perfect Portrait of the Animators as Young Men. Their payoff might sound to you quite straight-forward (“Phckn awesome animation until death do us apart”) but it leaves no doubts: there’s a true commitment behind it.