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Gerard Tonti, Pittsburgh born artist painting with coffee and tea. Credit Gerard Tonti

Don’t fade, stain red: Gerard Tonti’s paintings challenge the tea alchemy

They sought to turn the common into the precious, while he seeks to keep it as is. Gold was their goal and ultimate destination, whereas he is pursuing a colour: red. A red that stays red in time. And while many ancient alchemists eventually gave up their initial objective and turned into chemists, he seems about to succeed. Gerard Tonti, a Pittsburgh-born artist painting with coffee and tea has been trying and erring for eight years to perfect the use of these hot drinks as a painting medium, and expand the colour palette. “I’m not able to get a red from fading… yet”, he told us on our interview. “Getting close though.” Bastart caught a few words with the artist about challenges, inspirations and alchemy that turns the stains into art.