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Give UNESCO to poets

Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo

Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo. Credit: Bastart.

[Poetry pills] Way of use and dosage: pills are released in single-author and duo editions to be taken in small once-a-week dozes for 2 months in run. For a better effect, try to use them in a place new and unexpected to your five senses. Something like a 16th century Venetian Villa Pisani at Bagnolo di Lonigo – UNESCO’s pride and one of Palladio’s first operas – will do just fine. Add to the treatment some jazz and good company, and the remedy will start making miracles. [Tested on Bastart on March 31, 2014] 

February 1st – April 3rd: two months of Poetry, Now!

Compliments to whoever coined the above imperative, simple but driving. The initiative launched by TheArtsBox, Vicenza (A Space for the Arts) has reached the ears of more than a dozen of poets: young talents and acclaimed names from Italy, as well as guests from France, Spain, Albania, Lithuania, South Africa, and Australia. As the organizers put it, the priority was given to:

…those who have inhaled the oxygen of other cultures and other stylistic methods, to those who are free from cartels of any kind but, through the honesty and transparency of their writing and their research, have become  protagonists of the contemporary age, poets who helped us grasp the meaning of honesty, moral and civil integrity, as well as love, death, and freedom.

Poetry, Jazz, and Great Beauty @ Villa Pisani

So why on earth give the poets a UNESCO villa?

First, the location: Villa Pisani was too far out of reach for casual poetry goers, so the folks who finally got to the destination were definitely worth meeting (from archaeologists specialised in amberology to 3rd generation descendants of Tsar-time Saint Petersburg, to name just a couple).

Second, the acoustics: the Palladian artwork in Lonigo boasted a splendid acoustical environment where the words of Italian, Lithuanian and Albanian as well as the sounds of jazz all floated in harmony.

Last but not least, the hospitality: the Villa’s hosts took care of every single detail: from the fire in the fireplace, to wine and a home-made apple pie for the afterparty, to starry sky above the smokers and romantic souls. [Bastart’s still gratefully yours.]

As Gintaras Grajauskas put it:

It feels like watching Sorrentino’s Great Beauty, just live.

Close-up: a detail of a fresco depicting Eridano (just another name of River Po) at the entrance hall of the Villa.

Detail of a fresco depicting Eridano (just another name of River Po) at Villa Pisani.

Credit: Bastart

Distant: the entrance hall of the Villa.

The entrance hall of the Villa Pisani

Credit: Irma Simanskyte

Detail of contemporary art in one of the Villa’s rooms.

Detail of contemporary art at Villa Pisani

Credit: Bastart

Gintaras Grajauskas reads poetry at Villa Pisani.

Gintaras Grajauskas reads poetry at Villa Pisani

Credit: Irma Simanskyte.

“Lithuanian and Albanian poetry at Lonigo”, goes the title of Il Giornale di Vicenza.

Il giornale di Vicenza - La poesia lituana e albanese a Lonigo

Credit: Bastart.

Poetry afterparty with wine, fireplace and a home-made apple pie at the Palladian Villa.

Poetry afterparty at Villa Pisani

Credit: Bastart.

For more information about TheArtsBox please visit the official website. For more information about Gintaras Grajauskas read Heart of Amber and Poet? It’s a walking anachronism

Words by Jurga

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