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Darcy the Flying Hedgehog. Photo credit Shota Tsukamoto.

Will beauty save the hedgehogs?

You might have heard the fuss over Darcy, the hedgehog whose instagrams have flooded the internet. This post, however, is not an invite to join the craze about the new star, but rather a simple consideration: what if the life and instagrammed adventures of Darcy contributed to saving this endangered species from extinction..?

Think: in the past, it already happened once – thanks to Walt Disney most of us have successfully developed the so-called Bambi syndrome which, as Yuriko Saito put it, is “our tender emotion stirred by the sentimental image of all deer as Bambi” (Y. Saito, Everyday Aesthetics, 2007).

Imagine: in the future, we might well develop a new kind of sensibility – the Darcy syndrome… If that can save the hedgehogs then I say: hello and welcome!