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Still I rise - by Nate Williams

Still I rise: tutte le vite di Maya Angelou

Protettore di prostitute, prostituta lei stessa, ballerina nei night-club, performer, membro del cast dell’opera Porgy and Bess, coordinatore per Martin Luther King, autrice, poetessa, giornalista in Egitto e Ghana durante il periodo della decolonizzazione, attrice, scrittrice, regista e produttrice di giochi, film e programmi televisivi pubblici.

The lesson by Nicole Lutz

Hai imparato la lezione?

Hai imparato la lezione? Questo sembra l’interrogativo che Maya Angelou propone a se stessa e ai lettori. La lezione cui la vita ci mette di fronte ogni giorno, ogni attimo della nostra quotidianità.

Vitùc, Luxembourg-born Italian filmmaker, poet, photographer. Photo credit: courtesy of the artist.

Vitùc: telling poetry through the filmmaker’s lens

If he were a painter, he would probably work with a simple paintbrush. Well, he’s a poet so he uses a pen. A pen that ranges from Canon 7D to GoPro to, sometimes, iPhone 4S. Images are his words. Short films are his favourite genre. And music – oh, music – is the Muse. Vitùc is a Luxembourg-born Italian filmmaker, boasting a rich collection of visual poems, an ever-growing list of awards, and a bunch of highly choosy fans – such as David Lynch, to name just a few. Bastart managed to get a quick chat with the artist about shorts, poetry and… plastic bags floating in the air.

Maybe One Day (2009, 5 min.), dir. Chris Cottam. A screenshot from the film.

Maybe One Day (2009)

“As I struggle up this 40 year hill, i have to consider what I will see at the top. Just a good view? As the 70 year old me beats his chest, whose going to hear that roar of success? Who’s gonna hear my voice, who, hello? Exactly. No one.”