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Lettori e editore. Lugano Bloomsday 2013

Bloomsday 2013: Il fiume in piena di Joyce

«Un quejcoss che ‘l g’abbia dal murdént»… qualcosa che abbia del mordente, che faccia presa e possa incidere la superficie delle cose. Qui al Bloomsday 2013 tutto è possibile, anche improvvisare una traduzione simultanea del capolavoro joyciano in dialetto pavese. Abbandonarsi al microfono non sapendo dove ci porterà lo stream of consciousness dell’Ulysses, verso quali porti nascosti o naufragi d’oltralpe…

Credits Humans of Karachi

Bastart meets Humans of Karachi

Living Human Treasure, ever heard about such term? Put in very simple words, it is a kind of Oscar that some nations give to their most renowned artisans. Well, after a glimpse to Humans of Karachi, you might well start thinking it is not just “high art” that defines a country’s living treasures. The HO project, launched by photographer Khaula Jamil together with Citizens Archive of Pakistan, brings stories and images of common Karachiites – “resilient survivors with an almost unhealthy passion for their city” – into a photographic census of a touching beauty. Ode to the living human treasures, that’s right.

Bastart meets Humans of the Fiji Islands

Beauty, diversity, humanity – these are the three “elements” able to transform a busy lawyer, caught in the very middle of his busy day, into a street photographer whose camera avidly captures every colour, texture, emotion. Jon Apted founds Humans of the Fiji Islands for a pure joy of celebrating and sharing the beauty of his country – through its people. Although “free” from any long-term plans, his ever-growing archive of photo-portraits is a precious contribution to Fijians living home and abroad.

Credits Jimena Mizrahi - Humans of Buenos Aires

Bastart meets Humans of Buenos Aires

“People are strange when you’re a stranger. Faces look ugly when you’re…” Ok. You may keep the tune, but change the adjective: here in Buenos Aires people, first of all, are interesting. A single word can change an attitude? Humans of Buenos Aires believe that yes. Jimena Mizrahi set up the project to give a space where everyone could get to see a bit more of “specialness”, a bit less of a “stranger”. In each of us.

Credits Qusai Akoud - Humans of Khartoum

Bastart meets Humans of Khartoum

Sad or funny, told by young or old – he collects them all. From the banks of the River Nile to the streets of Khartoum. Qusai Akoub launched his project to reveal the spirit of his home city through the stories of its people, and he does it in an amazingly gifted way. “Everyone’s got a story. Listen”, he explains simply but convincingly. Somewhat similarly to the man who collected memories and noises in jars, from Patrick Poubel’s short film “For intérieur”…

Credits João Sá Leão - Humans of Lisbon.

Bastart meets Humans of Lisbon

“Just imagine. One day, we might have a brand new world map. When clicked on any city, we would see its people: the ones that live there as well as those that are just passing by. A totally different way of ‘surfing’ a city…” That’s the scenario that inspired João Sá Leão to start the map of his hometown, Lisbon. Little strokes fell great oaks or, as the digital guru Clay Shirky puts it, “Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technology, it happens when society adopts new behaviours”.