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Vilnius Temperature: great forecasts all year round

The Team: Edgaras, Saulius, Andrius. Credits Vilnius Temperature

The Team: Edgaras (photo- and videoartist), Saulius (architect, videoartist), Andrius (IT and communication expert). Credits Vilnius Temperature

Freezing feet at -9 °C, summer breeze at +24 °C, wish for love at 0 °C… The temperature here in Vilnius might be changing as the wind blows but one thing remains constant at any Celsius: the acoustics. Thanks to three friends who one day took all the pluses and minuses of their town and turned them into a brand. 

A brief about them

Vilnius Temperature is an acoustic thermometer, invented to measure city mood in sounds. Or, if you prefer a more professional introduction, it is:

“A non-profit acoustic/live music video blog which unites city sounds and represents up and coming artists in Lithuania, using Vilnius as a cinematographic background”. 

Among influencers and inspirations encountered on their way, the top place goes to La Blogothèque, mother of all acoustic music blogs.

Since the launch in 2011, Vilnius Temperature have filmed around 50 videos with local artists, both celebrities and upcoming talents, as well as guests from abroad. Born on Facebook and grew up on Youtube, they’ve soon debuted on the morning show of the National Television, with daily videos waking people up into a better (-sounding) day. A recent partnership with the Vilnius Music Week 2012 International Festival is another successful step ahead. What’s next?

Launch of our official website: we feel the time has come. We want it to grow into a video “encyclopaedia” containing any kind of valuable information about the Lithuanian music panorama. Representing musicians is one of our greatest ambitions.

Why Vilnius and why temperature

The first why is pretty clear: a hometown, a capital, a place where most things happen, and most artists work and live. A simple law of physics, plus the charm of a North European city that offers great locations, i.e. the “cinematographic background”.

Vilnius Temperature (+9 °C). To introduce Fusedmarc – “one of the most intriguing alternative audiovisual electronica band”, to quote VT – and their brand new single Climb, they chose a location equally intriguing.

Fusedmarc. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Click on the screenshot to watch the video. Credits Vilnius Temperature

What makes them different from other acoustic music blogs offering other cinematographic backgrounds, whether it be Paris or Amsterdam or Kaunas, is the concept: sound and temperature:

They are interrelated. Each sound bears its “temperature”, i.e. a certain mood that goes from fun to sad, from cold to warm, etc. The temperature too, affects sounds and music: we try to reflect it on our videos that carry different mood on different seasons.

Fewer degrees do not mean less fun

+5, +4, +1, -1, -4… One of the most freezing experience so far is that of The Ball & Chain who performed their song at -9 °C. Brrreautiful!

Vilnius Temperature (-9 °C) | The Ball and Chain – When We Split Up.

The Ball and Chain. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Click on the screenshot to watch the video. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Zero degrees can inspire splendid interpretations too, as it happened to the Danish duo Rangleklods who performed their single Cough in a completely acoustic version. That’s what they told us when we caught up with them for a quick chat about how it was:

First of all it was very cold! The guys were great. The space they’d found was perfect. Almost cathedral. So we decided to do a psalm kind of version of “Cough” because we had an idea it would work well with the acoustics and the look of the room. We are very happy about the video and hope to be back in Vilnius soon ‘cause the first round there was just awesome.

Vilnius Temperature (0 °C) | Rangleklods – Cough

Rangleklods at Loftas, Vilnius 0 °C. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Click on the screenshot to watch the video. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Shooting time varies but as Vilnius Temperature themselves put it, “we try to hurry less and enjoy more, weather and other conditions permitted”. The video of the Icelandic band Gus Gus is an exception to the rule: filmed in one take and in less than 20 minutes! The result? Let the song talk for itself:

Vilnius Temperature (+4 °C) | Gus Gus – Within You

Gus Gus, Vilnius 4 °C. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Click on the screenshot to watch the video. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Post Scriptum

Vilnius Temperature, should you choose a verb that best describes you, what would it be: hear? feel? or what?

Believe. It might sound naïve but we do believe in what we’re doing, and it is leading us into a better day, step by step. That’s the essence of Vilnius Temperature. 

Lots of high temperature, says one of the B-day greetings. The one-year anniversary fell on July 19, the temperature was similar (around +19 °C) but the people, sounds of music & rain and the overall mood were great.

Greetings for the one-year anniversary. Credits Vilnius Temperature

Birthday greets on a tent. Credits Vilnius Temperature

For more information about Vilnius Temperature please visit their official Facebook page or Youtube channel.
Words by Jurgita Po.Alessi

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