Oh Joy! (2012)

Oh Joy (2012, 4 min.), dir Kut. A screenshot from the film

“Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil?” (Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here)

Can you tell a short film from a TV commercial..? Perhaps it’s not that hard: similar in length and (often) appeal, they still have one tiny subtle difference: all a short film is trying to sell you is… poetry. Think these are big words? Then try watching Oh Joy! (2012)a short film (3’30”) by Kut, a Latvian Guerilla Creative Collective made of:

filmmakers, musicians, artists, politicians and cats.

I loved the film. And I did enjoy the description provided by Kut (seems so much in line with Smart Guide to Utopia!):

 We brought the country to the city. To revive the grey concrete, to break the routine and give you a moment to reflect on what we are and where we are going. Sometimes surprises just happen and we have no influence over them but we do have influence over our perception. How ready are you to accept whatever life throws at you with a smile?

Words by Jurga

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