Cupid, short film by Thomas Wangsmo

“Like I said… Things aren’t always what they seem.”

Quote from the film

Cupid (Amor), a short film (2009, 14 min.) by Thomas Wangsmo, a Norwegian scriptwriter and award-winning director, was for me like shooting two hares with one arrow, as the Lithuanians would say. Both of them, creatures of great interest. The first one is called Scandinavian aesthetics and is a very peculiar though fascinating animal – I love its way of being sincerely unsettling. The second hare is perhaps even more sophisticated as it bears the copyright of the Nobel laureatKahneman: it is called WYSIATI, an acronym that stands for:

What You See Is All There Is.

If you’re longing for a deeper explanation, go and read some Kahneman. If you think Kahneman is too much for you tonight, enjoy the short! (When it comes to Scandinavian films though, “enjoy” is a quite relative term).


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