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The Banksy of digital walls

Glitchr, painting on digital walls. Credits Laimonas Zakas

Glitchr, painting on digital walls. Credits Laimonas Zakas

Share with me your wonderous amazing gif skills

Go Glitchr go Glitchr!! You are my hero!!!

Christ, you screwed up my Facebook.. Good job!

Cool! Glitchr, you’re freakin’ awesome!

Man, the Facebook coders must hate you :L

From fans’ comments on Facebook

There’s a new rising star online

Fans go mad about him, Facebook hounds respect him, even the developer of the Like Button likes him. He’s on Mashable and in art reviews.

And all he did, and does, is glitching. Glitch after glitch, since June 2011, have converged into one big Glitchr: a project by Laimonas Zakas, Lithuanian artist? hacker? both? who experiments with digital bugs on the online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, to create his paintings or, as art critics put it,

abstract graphic character textures.

Here for you some of Zakas’ works. Or you can enjoy them in an exhibition-like format, from August 8 to September 9, at Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center in Vilnius.

Often, his bugs get soon fixed by Facebook guardians and disappear, so Zakas suggests his fans to always make a screenshot and post it on the wall.

Glitchr, painting on digital walls. Credits Laimonas Zakas

It somehow reminded me that quote by Banksy: “It’s a very frustrated feeling you get when the only people with good photos of you work are the police department”.

Glitchr. Credits Laimonas Zakas

Whereas this is my favourite one. Seems a piece of the Concrete Poetry. Looks almost Apollinaire.

Glitchr, rain. Credits Laimonas Zakas

All pictures courtesy of Laimonas Zakas. For more information please visit the artist’s official Facebook page.
Words by Jurgita Po.Alessi

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