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Frankie, short film by Darren Thornton


“There is not one fella that I know that’s fit to be a father. And I tell you one thing, it’s not gonna be me.”

Literati Street, Vilnius - Bastart Web Magazine

Walls to write on

Love writing on the walls? You’re welcome! There’s a street in Vilnius where it is all very legal – no bans no fines no scandals, just some basic rules to follow.

Bastart - Ridged Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte. Photo credit Kernius Pauliukonis

A bit psycho, a bit poem

Summer’s short in Vilnius, so good things happen one after another, dense in time and beauty. There’s a place – bellow the sky above the ground – that hosts a table, two chairs, a tea set, and a stunning view to the Old Town’s churches and roofs.