Teeth Teeth Teeth by Karolis Strautniekas

Teeth Teeth Teeth, graphic novel by Karolis Strautniekas

Karolis Strautniekas, a 24-year-old graphic artist and illustrator from Lithuania, brought to the exhibition Teeth Teeth Teeth (original title: Dantukai Dantukai Dantukai, 2011; the book is looking for the publisher). 

It is a beautiful story – a bit sad, a bit funny, though true and very very Lithuanian – told by a 6-year-old Brigita and revived in pictures. The pictures that, thanks to the magic hand and original style of Strautniekas, harmoniously combine and unite the latest digital techniques with that slightly ironic “once upon the Soviet Union times” kind of aesthetics.

Once upon a time there was me and my grandmother.
There was also my grandfather. But he was fishing all the time.
My mom and dad and their truck were gone to Spain.
They said it was hot there.
And my tooth wobbled. The very first one.
Wobbled and wobbled.
And then grandmother pulled that tooth out, because it was wobbling very hard.
I really wanted to show the tooth to my friends. But it started raining and everyone ran away home.
Then we called mom and dad and told them about the tooth!
It made my mom very happy and she told it to dad. And he got so happy that he even stopped the truck.
They said they would be back in two weeks and then I could show them the tooth.
Finally they came back and brought home lots of lots of lots of oranges.  Maybe 100.
I showed the tooth to mom and she said that we need to put it under the pillow and wait for the tooth fairy.
Hurray!? A coin under the pillow!
Teeth teeth teeth become coins
Next summer we all went on holiday to Spain. Mom said that without my teeth and coins it hardly would have happened.
It’s just that grandfather told us to take a pike instead of him.
The end.

Text copyright: Karolis Strautniekas. For more info on the author’s works please visit the author’s official website or contact him on Flickr
Words by Jurga

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